Does accounting information support
your business?

A4P makes accounting an ally in the health of your business instead of an obligation. We analyze the accounting reality of each client. Considering the income and expenses specificities in the healthcare market, we turn accounting into support to business management.


Collection of all documentation at your premises on an agreed day in the first week of each month

Processing and entry in the accounts of all the documentation

Bank reconciliations

Fulfilment of tax obligations: filing of IRS/IRC and VAT withholdings, and sending the respective payment slips by e-mail or fax

Clarification of urgent queries


Issuing of explained trial balance sheets and respective delivery by e-mail, fax or delivered by hand on the occasion of the monthly visit to your premises

Explanation of the balance sheets and their framework with a view to optimising results and providing a better understanding of the company’s economic and financial situation


Completion and delivery of Management accounts to the Tax Department, including: Statement of net results for the financial year

Balance sheet for the financial year

Movements in fixed assets (gross assets) during the financial year

Movements in depreciations and provisions for fixed assets during the financial year

Form 22/IRS

Statement of financial results

Breakdown of the Accumulated Provisions accounts and their movements during the financial year

Annex to the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement for the financial year

Statement of cost of goods sold and materials consumed