Have your profits been maximized?

Our team has significant experience in financial performance analysis, diagnosing opportunities and maximising solutions to contribute to the financial stability and profitability of our clients.

Feasibility, profitability and stability studies for the business or project

Diagnoses on financial standing and forecasts

Negotiation of financing with banking institutions

Economic-financial feasibility studies

Financial progress reports

Budgeting and treasury planning

Loan applications

Loan negotiation / renegotiation

Investment management and follow-up

Credit insurance

Would you like to be 100% sure that you receive payment for everything you sell?

Receipts are a problem for the vast majority of companies, yet their financial health depends on them. Aware that this is a growing concern we have developed a partnership with a specialised insurance company to offer a risk management and credit insurance solution that allows our clients to receive timely information about their debtors and to be 100% sure of their receivables.

Medical Factoring

Is getting payment from public entities giving you a headache?

Managing the cashflow of a company is a complex exercise, especially when working with public entities in the healthcare sector. Aware of this reality, we have procured a medical factoring instrument from a financial entity that allows you to definitively receive payments for all your sales when you need them.